by Courtney Henry

Released 2005
S&c Irieband Entertainment LLC
Released 2005
S&c Irieband Entertainment LLC
This music is in the style of lovers rock reggae, which is a kind of Jamaican music that his more laidback which takes in r&b soul music with a reggae beat.


This album is a music CD that Takes in the style of UB40'
and Dennis Brown combine together.
This is a must have album if you want to capture the reel intensity of Jamaican lovers rock reggae and dance hall vibes.
Herring is believing check it out for your self and prove me right. It is also an album that is about happiness and trust between a woman and a man, witch points us to the first song on this CD called smile, as my saying goes no stress no mess. Smile is about a man going on tour leaving is family at home knowing he will return soon, just working hard to ensure that when he comes back they will be able to live comfortably. And letting is woman know not to worry and smile he'll be back to chase those blues away. It also about two people coming together and spending the rest of there lives together something like soul mates which points us to track 2 on this CD.

Born and raised in St. Catherine, Jamaica, Courtney Henry lived in Ocho Rios for six years where he perfected my musical skills. Sparkle began singing gospel music with a band called Singspiraters. The band members included my brothers Jasper, and Joseph, my sister Jacqueline and a friend Hurly B. The band began in 1993. My other sister Yvonne was also involved. She is presently singing harmony for Luciana, a famous Jamaican Reggae singer. Music is a family affair. We all developed a love and appreciation of music in all forms at an early age.

In 1995 Sparkle joined a reggae band in Runaway Bay playing keyboards, singing lead vocals and harmony. The group was called The Roughness. In 1996 he joined a band called Blue light which was playing at Jamaica, Jamaica Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica Sparkle ventured out into the world of Reggae- jazz, singing and playing the keyboard back in 1997. In 1998 he joined another band called Solid Heart. This was the resident band at the Jamaica Grand Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Sparkle was fortunate to perform for big stars such as Nicky, 0 J , Ebony, Melvin, Nekoblonko, Karen Smith, and Dennis Brown. He was also involved with the Fire Dance extravaganza.

Once in the USA, Sparkle became involved with a band "Black bean Soup," and went on tour, traveling throughout the United States. At the end of the tour he became involved with the band Crucial, which was the house band at Rumrunners in Key west, Florida, playing reggae music. I also collaborated with an Irish singer, Susan Moony, singing background vocals. He later worked as a one man band, still in Key West, performing at the Hilton, Coco Palm, and doing private parties. Sparkle produced a compact disc called Island Breeze in 2000, all vocals and music performed by IrieBand.
At the present time Sparkle continue to perform in key west
as a musical artist, bringing pop reggae music to the world.
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